night view at patio 2900 on lake lbj

Join Us for Our Events, or We'll Join You for yours!

We have live music and other events that we host in tandem with Boat Town Burger Bar on a regular and weekend basis, so be sure to check out our event calendar and join us for any and all of those on the schedule!

We're also available as a venue to be rented for larger, private events, and are happy to accommodate smaller reservations (15+) as well! Get in touch with us today to discuss all of our event hosting options!

Check out the Upcoming Events & Music Schedule for Boat Town Burger Bar

Grab a pizza and hang out on the patio while still able to enjoy and hear the music! Specialty cocktails and lakeside dining has never been more fun here on Lake LBJ, and we're excited to host you so you can experience it for yourself!

Reservations Available

If you have a party of 15 people or more, give us a call- we can make sure we have a section available so you can all sit together!